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We look forward to getting to know you through our Group Messages - please, if you feel comfortable about it, send us an introduction, tell us what you like to make, when you started knitting/crocheting etc. and whatever else you would like to add.

Please dont hesitate to ask if you have any questions.  We are here to help
Happy knotting,
Pam (owner)
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Following is some information on how to join our Charity of the Month and/or Challenge Projects.  This information is also in our Files in the How to Folder for your future reference.

First may I say – nothing at Knit4Charities is compulsory. We want Happy Crafters who do what they can, when they can. If you are keen to help you will find time to make at least one item for charity over the course of a year but hopefully you will make more. Each and every single item helps to make a difference to someone!
As a group we knit/crochet/sew for our Charity of the Month (CotM) projects. We work to a Calendar of monthly Charities (hence the name) - we knit/crochet/sew items from the Wish List for each Charity and at the end of the month send our donation to a group member who tally's up, photographs and then personally delivers our Group Donation.
To be involved you need to become familiar with our Database page. https://groups.io/g/knit4charities/database
Make sure you look at our current year Charity of the Month Calendar. This lists all of the group projects for the year. You can pick and choose who you would like to help and even knit/crochet/sew ahead for those later in the year if you wish.
Also in the list of Databases are our current projects. These are very important and you must follow the guidelines I am about to set out if you choose to join in any of these projects. By supporting a CotM you are only committing to make one item but of course the more you give the better!!
Everything revolves around the 25th of each month. This is the day I do what I call the CotM Changeover.
In an email (Subject.. CotM Changeover) I announce the address of the charities we have been knitting for during the current month so members can send
their donation in and at the same time put up new databases and give out the information needed for the next month's projects.
What you are required to do, if you wish to join in, is....... When the database is ready for the charity you are supporting you need to add your Name and Email Address. To do this simply click on the Database in that charities name. Then scroll down to the bottom and click on +Add Row - Add your details i.e. Name and Email Address then click on Update. You will be taken back to the database and you should be able to see your name in the list. This is all you need to do for the moment.
After the 25th, when you send your donation you will then need to Edit your record with the Date Sent and tracking number.
Go back to the database page and click on the one you wish to update. Click on your name and then on Edit at the bottom of your record, type in the date you sent your donation and tracking number in the space provided ('Date Sent') Click on Update at the bottom of the page. Now when you check your name in the list on the database you should see all of the information you have added. This is all you need to do. When the member who is collecting our donations receives your donation she will Edit your Record and add the Date Received. You can check the database a few days after posting to see if it has been received.
The other important thing to take note of is ---- if you originally put your name on the database but had a problem getting something made to donate, and so can't send anything after all, then please Delete your Record so that the collector is not waiting for a parcel that will never arrive.
This all sounds a bit daunting to begin with but is really quite simple. If you have any problems at all with the procedure then just let me, or the group, know and we can either step you through it or do it for you.
I must stress the importance of following this procedure because without it we have no idea of who is sending donations and therefore cannot make arrangements to deliver, or have to make more than one delivery, if parcels arrive unexpectedly late. Some members work and have to make arrangements to do the delivery during work time etc. so we need to be considerate of everyone's circumstances.
Private Donations can also be made at any time to a charity of your choice. I like to encourage members to find someone in their neighbourhood to help and so cut down the costs of postage. We have a database for Private Donations too so that you can contribute to the group by adding your numbers for them. You can donate privately as well as join in the CotM's if you wish. Often when members check the Private Donations they will see a Charity in their area that they didn't know about previously and can then offer to help them too. It is all a matter of sharing!
The Private Donations database works a little differently to our other Databases because it is located in Google Docs, rather than on our group page. The links to the Entry Form and to view the Database are listed in the Database titled Private Donations Entry Form and Database
Once you have added your private donations you will not be able to Edit them – if you have done something wrong, let me know and I will fix the problem for you. If I see there is something wrong myself I will contact you to get the right information :)
From time to time we are asked for help from smaller charities who are not listed on our Calendar.  Some only need a small number of items and therefore a whole of group donation is too big for them.  When these come up they are also allocated a database and information is given out in my weekly newsletter - Friday Footnotes. Members can knit, crochet or sew the required items at their leisure, post them off when they wish and thus contribute to our group. Some Challenges have a time limit or a number to collect by a certain time, others are open until the requested number is reached.
For most of our projects you are free to use your own favourite patterns. If there is a special pattern required, or a certain size, the information will be in the description on the relevant Databases and, for current CotM projects, on the group homepage and on our public website http://knit4charities.webs.com homepage.
There are lots of patterns in our Files and Links pages with free patterns so take some time to check these out too.
The most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing – knitting, crocheting, sewing, chatting to other members or just reading the messages and browsing our Files.
Happy knotting,
Pam - knittingpam@gmail.com

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